Harborx, the innovative mobile currency trading app and the recipient of the World Finance Markets this year’s Innovation awards, got a great reception at FinovateAsia, the highly anticipated fintech event held in Hong Kong in November. Having undergone a competitive selection process, the Harborx app was presented side by side with established fintech brands who shared their innovative products in information-packed 7-minute live demos.

FinovateAsia is a demo-based conference for innovative startups and established companies in the fields of banking and financial technology. Held in Hong Kong, the event offers an insight-packed glimpse into the future of money via a fast-paced, intimate, and unique format.

Harborx Chief Strategy Officer Jacqueline Chong and Chief Technology Officer David Sung conducted a live demo of the Harborx app, showcasing the latest gamification features, such as the Leaderboard and Achievements. These are the features that set Harborx apart from the competition. ‘At Harborx, we have a completely different take on currency trading. Unlike others, we envision forex trading as an activity accessible to anyone. We created Harborx as a fun product for adventurous trading beginners who want to have fun and make some profits as they enter the world’s most liquid market’,- says Jacqueline Chong.

The demo can be viewed on the Finovate Website here.

‘With Harborx, we have created a financial game.- says CTO David Sung.We took trading and made it exciting through gamification, the way it was never done before. Harborx traders can copy the traders of ‘Star Traders’ or trade on their own, compete for the weekly prizes on the Leaderboard and get rewarded as they move through the ranks with Missions and Achievements. Harborx is probably the first company to combine trading with gaming in such a way, and we’re thrilled to have had this opportunity to share our product with the global fintech community ‘.

Greg Palmer, VP of Finovate: “It’s always exciting to have a consumer-oriented brand like Harborx presenting at Finovate. While many players in the banking and fintech field focus on B2B solutions, it’s interesting to see companies who deliver their proprietary solutions to customers directly. Harborx’s work on democratizing currency trading (making it accessible to amateurs) sets them apart, and we’re excited to see them on stage at FinovateAsia in Hong Kong.”

For more information about Harborx and its trading platform, please visit the Harborx website.

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